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Printing films

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ORAJET« 3951RA + Proslide
ORAJET« 3951RA + Proslide is a new version of the classic 3951RA. 3951RA + is a premium cast PVC film with a glossy surface and the new Proslide technology allows the film to slide over the surface before mounting. This makes it easier and faster to reassemble and reposition. A print vinyl for all uses!
ORAJET 3951/3951RA/3951HT Wrapping
Orajet 3951 is a specially developed 10-year vinyl for wrapping of vehicles with the best result. Orajet 3951 is extremely durable and malleable, can be used over studs, etc. Heat to 120-140 degrees to "clear the memory". Available as Rapid AIr allowing perfect bubble free installation. The adhesive has microscopic ducts carrying out the air. Orajet 3951HT is the same vinyl as above with HigthTack adhesive, which has a strength of 28N/25mm. Thickness 55 micron
ORAJET 3162 Kampanjvinyl
ORAJET 3164 Kampanjvinyl
ORAJET 3165/3165RA
ORAJET 3951/3951RA/3951HT Wrapping
ORAJET« 3951RA + Proslide

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