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GSWF Defender Platinum PPF

GSWF Defender Platinum
Our Premium PPF with our longest warranty, outstanding durability, gloss improvement of 45%, self-healing and water-repellent (hydrophobic).

Defender Platinum

GSWF Defender Platinum is a stone protection film of the absolute highest quality and an international bestseller.
With Defender Platinum you bring a PPF movie that gives you features like:
  • water repellent
  • Self-healing with heat
  • Phenomenally stretchability
  • Impact resistant
  • UV blocking
  • No yellowing

GSWF has been producing stone protection film for over 15 years and has produced film for many of the internationally renowned brands within PPF. GSWF manufactures only from the highest quality raw materials and constantly invests in R&D that gives you access to groundbreaking protective films. GSWF has a product range that is completely unique internationally.

Egenskaper Defender Platinum

Material TPU
Finish High gloss
Thickness 205 micron
Tensile strength 352 kg/cm
VLT 0,92
Warranty Lifetime
Technical datasheet Platinum     6916 Kb




GSWF PPF Bright Orange Gloss 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-107B
GSWF PPF Crimson Red Gloss 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-111B
GSWF PPF Deep Black 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-101B
GSWF PPF Deep Grey Gloss 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-106B
GSWF PPF Defender Matt 1,52x15m
Artikelkod GSWF1502
GSWF PPF Defender Platinum 1,52x15m
Artikelkod GSWF1500
GSWF PPF Defender Satin 1,52x15m
Artikelkod GSWF1501
GSWF PPF Grass Green Gloss 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-110B
GSWF PPF Light Grey Gloss 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-105B
GSWF PPF Matte Black 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-101M
GSWF PPF Satin Black 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-101S
GSWF PPF Satin Grey 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-105S
GSWF PPF Sky Blue Gloss 1,52x16,5m
Artikelkod GSWF2020-112B
GSWF PPF Smoke 30% 0,76x15m
Artikelkod GSWF1503
GSWF PPF Smoke 30% 0,76x1m
Artikelkod GSWF1503M
GSWF PPF Smoke 50% 0,76x15m
Artikelkod GSWF1504
GSWF PPF Smoke 50% 0,76x1m
Artikelkod GSWF1504M
GSWF PPF Smoke 70% 0,76x15m
Artikelkod GSWF1505
GSWF PPF Smoke 70% 0,76x1m
Artikelkod GSWF1505M

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