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ORACAL® 631 Exhibition Cal
Oracal 631 is removable up to 2 years after application and has a matte surface that prevents unwanted reflections. Oracal 631 is the ideal choice for temporary signs indoors, especially fairs and exhibitions. 631 is available in 54 matte colors.
ORACAL® 641 Economy Cal
Series 641 is a calendered 3-4 year vinyl with water-based permanent adhesive. Series 641 has been developed for all kinds of uses short time outdoors. 641 is available in 60 colors and we stock the matt quality.
ORACAL 451 Banner Cal
ORACAL® 631 Exhibition Cal
ORACAL 638 WallArt
ORACAL® 641 Economy Cal
ORACAL® 551 High Performance Cal
ORACAL® 651 Intermediate Cal
ORACAL® 751C High Performance Cast
ORACAL® 951 Premium Cast

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