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Scandraft supplies consumable products for large format printing. Scandraft has a great range with a variety of paper, ink, toner, print vinyls cut vinyls.

Scandraft - " one stop shop! "

Scandraft is the leading supplier of consumables for the printing industry in Scandinavia.

- Our aim is to be a "one stop shop" for all consumption for the print market!

Everything for the printing industry

Scandraft and Tryckfaktor can deliver all the media and supplies for your business and your graphic production . We deliver media for aqueous, solvent, latex,  UV and dye sublimation printers and even flat materials such as foam boards , foamed PVC , hot - and cold-applied laminate , display products , tools and much more. With Tryckfaktor , we also supply equipment and consumables for print finishing in sheets.

Active environmental awareness

We are proud to have ISO certification for quality and environmental finished since June 2008. Our efforts to increase customer satisfaction and reduce our environmental impact means that we do goal setting in priority areas , but above all a continuous improvement in the daily work.

- The products we supply and the service we provide to our customers should be so high that it leads to long and valued business relationships.

Family business with ancestry

The family business Scandraft was founded in 1992 by Staffan Gnosspelius and Greger Andersson. We currently have 41 employees with an annual turnover of €25 million ( 2019). Scandraft AB also has the Triple-A credit rating since 2003.

Gothenburg , Stockholm, Malmo and Norway

Head office and central warehouse located in Mölnlycke outside Gothenburg. We also have sales offices and warehouses in Stockholm Malmö and Skellefteå. Scandraft AS in Oslo, Norway was founded 2011 and are today a subsidiary of Scandraft AB.

- Our motto is: Long-term relationships , personal service and highest quality. All for immediate delivery, no waiting time!

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