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I N O Z E T E K | Premium Wrapping Film
Inozetek´'s revolutionary stylish vinyl for wrapping is made with the latest technology and a exceptional gloss level. The true gloss vinyl!
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ORATAPE® MT82 Superflat
The best "lay flat" application tape you have ever tried. This makes the application of texts and decals much easier and when storing cut decals you avoid dog ears.
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New: Softimage Creaseless Premium® with antibacterial finish.
World's first display material with hygiene protection
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Material and instructions for production of mouth & nose masks
We help you find solutions for the production of mouth & nose masks
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News from Orafol Q1 2019
New wall vinyl and easy-to-install wrapping vinyls!
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Did you know this about aluminum signs?
Lacquered aluminum plate - one of the world's best plate materials! Read more!
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New year new catalog 2017
Now, a new product catalog on its way to you. Because it applies from January 1, 2017, you have of course the chance to read it online further down on this page. Hope you enjoy it!
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Press Release Orafol
ORAFOL Europe GmbH is the first European manufacturer of graphic films to offer a full range of REACH-compliant and lead chromate free plotter vinyls
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Press Release: Scandraft lowers prices!
We reduce gross prices by 4% between 1 July and 31 August 2011. We wish all customers a really great summer.
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Scandraft continues to have the highest credit rating!
We are proud to announce that we still in 2011 has been awarded the AAA credit rating.
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