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Laminate is used to protect your prints. Two types occur. Hot or cold laminate. Hot lamination is a more economical lamination method and is generally preferable to cold lamination. Hot laminate uses a heat-activated adhesive that heats up as it passes through the laminator. The disadvantage of hot lamination is that some objects (for example some photographs) cannot handle the high heat required for hot lamination. Cold laminate, on the other hand, uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive that does not need to be heated. The laminator uses rollers that press the sheets together. Cold laminate is faster and easier to use than hot laminate and works for almost all flat objects. Laminate is primarily used to protect against UV radiation, which over time fades the print. Laminate also protects against mechanical wear. A laminated print on ex. a vehicle has a significantly higher service life than an unlaminated one. There are also many different special laminates for example. floor decoration, graffiti protection, effect laminate or light blockers for display products. Floor laminatecan, among other things, be used as a non-slip surface on both indoor and outdoor floors.

Vi rekommenderar

Oraguard 210 is a 4-year cold-applied laminate to be used for short and medium time applications, inside or outdoors. Help Heat is recommended. Oraguard 210 adds UV protection 2 years to your print. Thickness: 70 micron.
Smoke gives you the extra with smoke-colored stone shot protection adapted for your headlights both front and rear.
GSWF Defender Platinum PPF
Mactac LUV 7036 | Antigrafitti
ORAGUARD 215 Huslaminatet
Oraguard 244G | Anti-grafitti

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