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Reflective film is used for signs, vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc. Scandraft is a distributor of reflective from ORALITE«. Choosing reflective vinyl is complicated and there are many standards and requirements to be taken into account. To help you, we have gathered information on our support pages, you will find links here to the right. If you have further questions, please feel free to call us. You will find contact information for us at "Contact us"

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ORALITE« VC 104+ Imagine Evo
Customised reflective marking tape intended for application on trucks and trailers with rigid surfaces. Make personalization possible - only limited quantities are required.
ORALITE« 5650RA Fleet Engineer Grade
Oralite 5650RA is a printable reflective vinyl and the perfect choice for decors for vehicles and other applications.
ORALITE« 5650RA Fleet Engineer Grade
ORALITE« VC 104+ Imagine Evo

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