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ORATAPE® MT82 Superflat

The best "lay flat" application tape you have ever tried. This makes the application of texts and decals much easier and when storing cut decals you avoid dog ears.

New: Softimage Creaseless Premium® with antibacterial finish.

World's first display material with hygiene protection

Welcome to Scandraft!

Welcome to Scandraft!

Scandraft is the leading supplier of consumables for the printing industry in Scandinavia.
Tryckfaktor - part of Scandraft

Tryckfaktor - part of Scandraft

Tryckfaktor is since 2012 a part of Scandraft AB. This will create a whole for us as a supplier to the graphic print market in Scandinavia. The brand Tryckfaktor specializes in print finishing solutions and consumables for digital and offset print.
This year's product catalog - Browse online

This year's product catalog - Browse online

This year's catalog is full of products that we know can help you simplify your life. Our wide range and our combined expertise will always give you the right product at the right time. If you miss something please get in touch with us.

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