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Did you know this about aluminum signs?

Lacquered aluminum plate - one of the world's best plate materials! Read more!
Aluminum is derived from Bauxite, which is abundant in nature, thus more or less unlimited access
and thus resource efficient. Over time, considering all the benefits and features, a really good environmental choice.
- Aluminum plate is lightweight with a weight of 2.7 kg per m at 1 mm thickness which is about 1/3 of steel sheet. The low weight means, for example, fuel economy in transport.
- Can be recycled over and over again with little effort of energy.
- Our factory recovers all left-over aluminum.
- Easy to cut, mill the bucket and shape.
- No environmental harmful effects in the vicinity or during handling.
- Environmentally optimized coating process at Rangefabriken.
- Good fire classification.
- Very long life in normal environment.
- Maintains its properties under a large temperature range relative to thermoplastics.

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