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To keep in mind when wrapping vehicles!

We would like to share with you our experiences of full-wrapping of vehicles called car wrapping. Below you will find points that we think are important to know before performing a fullwrapping.l.

What can I expect?

What does that mean?
The specified durability is assessed vertically and without external influence such as weather, solvents, etc. On a vehicle that is used and washed, the durability is shortened compared to what is stated on the specification. Environmental toxins, detergents, degreasing agents, flushing fluids, mechanical wear, car care products, sunlight etc. shortens the film's durability in different ways.
This external impact is different for each vehicle and it makes it very difficult to say how long you as a user can expect the car to look good. To extend the durability as far as possible, the wrapped vehicle must be taken care of. We have tried to write down our experiences and give some brief advice to share and that can give longer life on the film.


A clean surface is a prerequisite for the film to be able to attach properly.
Be sure to final clean with an Isopropanol-based agent and avoid spirits or alcohol. Avoid final cleaning with anything other than pure isopropanol (eg Orafol Pre-wrap Surface Cleaner). There are other commonly used cleaning agents that dissolve adhesive and reduce adhesion and also allow you to get adhesive residue on the vehicle during film removal.
We recommend using neoprene gloves when working with strong solvents!

During seasons when it is cold outside, the vehicle must not be driven out of the warm application room before the film is heated and cured. Uncured film exposed to cold contracts and edges, etc. rises.

Do not mount film on a freshly varnished surface and do not mount film on repainted surfaces. It is also important that the vehicle is not damaged by rust, scratches, gravel etc.

When choosing a film type, it is important to remember not to use microstructured film (air channel) on deep creases and rivets as the amount of adhesive is smaller on this type of film and this may make the film lift after a while. If you still choose to use film with air channels, we recommend that you make a joint (cut) at the fold.

Today, there is mainly print vinyl with "sliding" adhesive. This makes the vinyl easier to mount because the adhesive does not "tack" directly onto the substrate. Keep in mind that this type of vinyl requires a little higher pressure with the squeege when applying to make sure it is fixed. Be sure to work through the surfaces properly.

When printing on film, we recommend laminating the print to protect against mechanical wear and UV light. It is important to "air" the solvent away from the ink before lamination! We recommend at least 72 hours before lamination. Remember not to leave the film rolled during that time, then the solvent cannot evaporate. If the solvent in the ink does not evaporate completely before lamination, the solvent may eventually penetrate the film and adversely affect the adhesive and you risk, for example, that the film can become loose.
The solvent (solvent) remaining can also cause bubbles between vinyl and laminate. It is not possible to know how long it will take for the solvent to evaporate, always test the adhesion between a printed-laminated and an unprinted test piece.

If you mount film on plastic sheets such as polycarbonate, PETG etc. new sheets contain water that must evaporate before applying film. Otherwise, you will receive bubbles after some day. always test.

Keep the decor fresh and nice
All adhesive decor needs time to get optimum adhesion and this takes up to 72 hours after assembly. Therefore, be careful not to wash the vehicle during the first few days. The films are more sensitive than the car's varnish and this means that special care is needed when applying and cleaning the films.

Wash correctly

Use as low pressure as possible for high pressure washing. Make sure the water temperature is at most 50 degrees Celsius. Avoid injecting water in an angle to the film edge but instead keep the water jet perpendicular to the surface.
Regardless of the strength of the adhesive, it is easy to flush the film out if the water gets under the edge.
If there are minus degrees outside and the vehicle comes in directly from the outside, you should be extra careful.
If car wash is used, soft cleaning without brushes is recommended. Never use hot wax as it will adversely affect the film. Use the right detergent. Remember to use detergent without abrasive effect and with neutral PH value. PH between 6-8 is recommended.
In order not to affect the film and the color, it must also be free of strong solvents and alcohols. Mild car shampoo without wax or regular soap works well.
In general, we recommend hand cleaning and maintenance of the film with Oracal Cleaning & Care Kit. Complete sets are available for glossy and matte films respectively. The mild and effective Orafol remedies contain exactly the right composition for cleaning and protecting films.

In order to protect the foil from sunlight and corrosive substances, we recommend sealing the foil with the Oracal Long Lasting Seal immediately after the decoration is installed and before the vehicle is put into service.
Remember that the surfaces of the matte as well as the structured qualities are extra sensitive. Sealing should be repeated regularly throughout the life of the film.


Prolonged effects of degreasing effect on the film negatively, be careful to wash and rinse as soon as the dirt is dissolved. Keep in mind that exposure time and sunlight often amplify the negative effect of the degreaser. The same negative effect can also occur when some flushing liquid is exposed by sunlight on the film.


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